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Everyone needs wool dryer balls in their life! They not only help dry your laundry faster they can make your clothes smell delicious! 

Wool Dryer Balls

  • Help the planet a bit by replacing your fabric softener sheets with these wool dryer balls!  When you put 2-3 wool dryer balls with your laundry in the dryer you will cut down on drying time. The three of them break up your laundry allowing more air circulation and natural fibers in the wool also help with static. 

    These wool dryer balls are made with 100% wool yarn and then wool roving to make them smooth and colorful. They are felted together and very solid.  I wash them in hot water numerous amounts of time and you won't have any color bleeding from the dryer balls onto your clothes.

    Add a few drops of Unadulterated Synery Blend to each ball with each load and your laundry and your clothes coming out smelling fresh and clean I recommend the.

    Each wool dryer ball is unique and made with lots of love and may vary a wee bit in size. 


  • Shipping:

    I ship orders on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Friday afternoons through the USPS. Please allow 3-7 days after shipped.  You will receive a confirmation email after I have shipped it.


    If you live locally or in Madison and would like to arrange to pick up your order free of charge please email or Facebook pm me to make an order.

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