Wake-Up Shnazzy Synergy Blend 10ml

Wake-Up Shnazzy Synergy Blend 10ml


Wake-up is one of those synergy blends that adds a little pick me up in the air and a little spice.  It would be excellent in a car diffuser or in your home in that rough afternoon period.  The smells of lemon and minty cinnamon definitely shine through creating a delightful smell in the air.

Aromatherapy benefits in so many different ways. Now you can use original shnazzy synergy blends to diffuse. These oils all have so so so many healing properties. I'm listing the ones in which I chose these for this formula. Please click on the link and read more about each oil. It is amazing!


Ingredients: Lemon, Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Cinnamon


Lemon- Is calming and helps remove mental fatigue, exhaustion, dizziness, nervous tension, and anxiety. Lemon can refresh the mind and remove negative emotions.  By inhaling Lemon it is believed that it helps increase concentration and alertness.


Eucalyptus: Is a stimulant and helps remove sluggishness, exhaustion, and rejuvenates the spirits of the ill. It also can help with stress.


Peppermint: In my opinion runs right behind Lavender in its versatility and abundant healing properties. Peppermint can help clear your mind and help stimulate mental activity.  It also relives stress.


Cinnamon: Is known to boost the activity of the brain and helps remove nervous tension and memory loss


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