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Looking for a natural toilet cleaner that does the job and smells refeshing? These Toilet Fizzies you will love!  Each Jar contains 10 cubes. 

Toilet Fizzies Toilet Cleaner

  • Just chuck one or two of these tablets into your toilet, wait for it to dissolve, and gently brush.  It cleans your toilet while killing bacterial and smells fresh! You can also throw one in to freshen up the bowl of your toilet. 

    Each jar contains 10 tablets

    Ingredients: Baking soda, borax, citric acid, and essential oils


  • Shipping:

    I ship orders on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Friday afternoons through the USPS. Please allow 3-7 days after shipped.  You will receive a confirmation email after I have shipped it.



    If you live locally or in Madison and would like to arrange to pick up your order free of charge please email or Facebook pm me to make an order.

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