Man Spray shnazzymist Aromatherapy Body and Room Spray

Man Spray shnazzymist Aromatherapy Body and Room Spray

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Men like to live a natural lifestyle too! Now they can smell amazing and benefit from aromatherapy as well! This shnazzymist spray is full of an earth and spice.  The Virginian Cedarwood has a very woodsy earthy smell, with a patchouli and black pepper it gives this spray a boost of spice and mellow. The little bit of vodka added to each bottle helps the scent linger. Use it as a body spray or a room spray and keep those senses happy and calm.

Shake well before each use.


Aromatherapy benefits in so many different ways. Now you or the room you spray it in can smell amazing while inhaling healing essential oils!   These oils all have so so so many healing properties. I'm listing the ones in which I chose these for this formula. Please click on the link and read more about each oil. It is amazing!


Virginian Cedarwood- An anti-inflammatory and Virginian is also known to be good for muscle pains and aches.  With its woodsy outdoor aroma it can be very soothing.


Patchouli- Known for using to help people suffering from depression. It is used in aromatherapy because it helps remove the feeling of sadness and fills with new hope. It also uplifts mood, and relaxes tension.


Black Pepper- Is an anti-oxidant and helps protect the body from free-radicals and helps repair the damages that have been done. It offers a spicy scent giving this spray a boost!


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