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The soft flannel hand embroidered eye pillow feels SOOO good!  It's filled with organically grown lavender and flaxseed to give it a bit of weight. The delicious smell of lavender helps your body relax. 

Lavender and Flaxseed Soft Eye Pillow

  • These eye pillows are hand embroidered and filled with lavender  grown organically right here in my gardens and flaxseed.  They are about 3.5 inches by 9 inches in size. (these are not exact measurements. They make great gifts!

    These soft relaxing eye pillows are great to fall asleep with or just to rest your eyes.  The weight is just right and the smell of lavender helps you relax.  

    Choose the design. Each one is hand made and unique, yours may not look exactly like the ones pictured. 

    Store in a plastic bag.

  • Shipping:

    I ship orders on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Friday afternoons through the USPS. Please allow 3-7 days after shipped.  You will receive a confirmation email after I have shipped it.



    If you live locally or in Madison and would like to arrange to pick up your order free of charge please email or Facebook pm me to make an order.

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