Baby Love Gift Set

Baby Love Gift Set


This makes a wonderful gift to any family with a new baby! Cheeky jo-jo's makes amazing diaper cream any general skin care.  The baby ear ease essential oil roller will help soothe darn ear aches and baby sleepy time will aid with sleeping. This gift set will arrive in a hand-made bag made with fun IKEA fabrics.

Baby Love Gift Set will make any new parent happy and feel good about using these all natural quality products.


Cheeky jo-jo's Noes to Toes Salve

Cheeky jo-jo's was actually created to be used as a diaper cream. We quickly realized we could use it for anything!  On the product page you can learn more about it's uses and how it is made.


Baby Ear Ease Essential Oil Roller

Babies get ear infections. I made this roller in adult strength for an ear ache I had. It took a few times to perfect the recipe but I didn't give in until I had relief. I make this roller at 2% dilution so it is very mild for babies. Here is more info.


Baby Sleepytime Essential Oil Roller

When babies need a bit of help sleeping, roll on baby sleepytime! This winning recipe has been diluted to 2% so it is mild for babies. To learn more about how to use baby sleepytime roller here is the product page.


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