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shnazzydory is all about sustainability,

natural ingredients, and fun!

I’m a mom on a mission. I love to make things that help our lives be a little easier. I also have a passion for making sure they are healthy and as environmentally safe as possible. I am often inspired because it is something I need or want for my house or kids. I make them and decide I need to share them with everyone else. And so we have shnazzydory!

I have been able to transform my love into gardening, researching, and creating into all my products. I organically grow my lavender, calendula, basil, lambs ear, plantain, and other herbs in my own garden.  These gorgeous herbs are what I use to infuse my oils for my products.  I make everything in small batches with high quality oils.  I have even been able to source by beeswax from 15 miles away! If I wouldn't use it on my children, I won't make it.

Being sustainable is also very important to me. All shnazzydory products now come in sustainable packaging! The bubble wrap that your new purchase may come in is all reused from packages I have received and safely stored waiting to repurpose. 

I have rediscovered my love for pottery and will adding these pieces to the shnazzydory website and markets.  It's part of the whole rebrand! I can't wait to share my new products with you!

Please follow me on Facebook for promotions and the introduction of new products. I'm also on Pinterest.


Thanks so much for stopping in!

Have a fantastic day!


Jacy Eckerman

Artist, Maker, Owner

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