shnazzydory is all about fun, natural, and convenience!

I’m a mom on a mission. I love to make things that help our lives be a little easier. I also have a passion for making sure they are healthy and as environmentally safe as possible. I am often inspired because it is something I need or want for my house or kids. I make them and decide I need to share them with everyone else. And so we have shnazzydory!

I have been able to transform my love into gardening, researching, and creating into all my products. I organically grow my lavender, calendula, basil, lambs ear, plantain, and other herbs in my own garden.  These gorgeous herbs are what I use to infuse my oils for my products.  I make everything in small batches with high quality oils.  I have even been able to source by beeswax from 15 miles away! If I wouldn't use it on my children, I won't make it.

I also love to cook and create vegan and vegetarian recipes. Plus a good DIY project always attracts my attention. Being one who loves to share I of course had to create a blog for this site.

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